Thursday, May 31, 2012

But I Like You

"So You Think You Can Dance" always makes me wish I had been a dancer, but the audition episodes this year are making me wish I had been a circus performer. Not in the animals kind of circus--those have put me off since I went to the Shrine Circus when I was maybe eight or nine and I was sure, absolutely positive, through the whole thing that the elephant was staring just at me and trying to communicate that he was going to make a break for it and probably stomp a shitload of people in the process and I was burdened with the information. And I knew not to tell anyone because they'd think I was crazy, which made me all the more terrified. Let's just say I was not right in the head when I was a kid. And luckily nobody got stomped. The point is, I don't love all circuses equally, but I am not impervious to the beauty and art of acrobats and aerialists. To the contrary, I can be obsessed with them when I remember they exist. And between the pole-flying ballerina lady (who is a shoo in for Top 20) and the dude with the Cyr Wheel on last night's SYTYCD, I now have a new retroactive dream of life.

Lookit this! Just, come on!

I wish I actually had this guy's audition to post, but it's not anywhere online yet. It was among the most breathtaking things I've ever seen. His name is David Matz, keep him on your radar.

It's an absolutely gorgeous day 'round these parts, and I guess I'm still high off of my afternoon errand to procure frozen yogurt which I topped with chunks of fruit and Fruity Pebbles (one of the more inspired offerings on the toppings bar). That total deliciousness, combined with the warmth of the day and the sunshine and the flowers and the inaugural wearing a new dress that's for certain my new favorite of all time, I can't help but focus on what's beautiful and inspiring in life. I'm just buoyed up with that kind of feeling you want to cram in a bottle and keep for when everything's ugly and the only circus in town is full of abused animals. I think it would smell a lot like Fruity Pebbles, actually. And with one whiff, it could transport me back the best possible way to feel.

I've never been to Laurel Canyon, but I bet I can't help but think this is a Laurel Canyon state of mind. Play me out, Joni. 

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