Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh, Yeahhhh

So now Maurice Sendak is dead, which is a tremendously sad thing because he gave so much to the world through his art. It's also an OK thing because even though he will be missed like I'm sure I have no idea, he lived a long life and left behind an amazing legacy. In other news, it's a bad week to be a famous person I admire.

We just had a visit at work from the mom of a kid who died back in January, he was a really special kid, one of the ones who breaks through no matter how you try and protect yourself, and with that piled on top of an already emotional heavy, I'm just going to do what I usually do in these situations: deflect by talking about dancing. Feel free to just back away now while you still can.

Is anyone watching "America's Best Dance Crew" this season? I almost didn't because I feel like it's been really lacking the past few seasons, but this season is really doing it for me, especially now that they got rid of Step Boys (Boyz? It's a rule that there's got to be some kind of effed up spelling). I do not approve of comedy dancing.

The judges: JC Chasez is still the stern voice of reason, and I appreciate that. His notes are almost always super helpful. D-Trix is... what he is, but he usually knows of what he speaks. L'il Mama, I just don't know how she got this gig and she doesn't add much but whatever. I sometimes fast forward through the judging part, to be honest.

The crews: a bunch of them are gone now, and I guess I don't miss any of them because I don't remember anything about them. I'm not even going to talk about everyone, because I don't care about everyone even though they're all pretty good. But you guys, Fanny Pak is back! I'm waiting for them to really wow me like they did on their season I guess, but in the meantime I'm gunning for Mos Wanted Crew. It made my life when D-Trix told them that they were sexy dudes and only prefaced his comment with a little homophobia, that's progress. I'm shocked that I actually like 8 Flavors (I'm not even going to try to spell it like they spell it), because though they are creepy little girl-dolls, they are not so cutesy. They really impressed me during the Madonna week, particularly that fierce big-haired girl who did the triple pirouette into a split. I don't think they should win, but there's a lot of talent there, a lot in the show. I'm glad I got a heads up that the season had started.

Oh yeah, and "So You Think You Can Dance" starts up on the 24th - consider yourself warned.

Off to find some distractions to temper my melancholy. Work is usually good for that.

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