Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bout It Urryday, Urryday

I realized when I got home last night, when I picked up my buddy boy and did a big exhale, that I had been clenched up all day. Let's just say it was not my favorite work day of all time. They happen. I blame the supermoon. Today is already looking up in that respect.

Oh but also, go to hell North Carolina. Just, really. Obviously there are good guys who live in that state (I think I am friends with all of them) but the rest, BOOO. Thumbs down eternal. I'll never understand the impulse to control or put down other people in service to one's own purported morality. Come to Massachusetts, gay peoples, we love you. I've got a line of bumper stickers, t-shirts and mousepads available with that slogan.

A long long time ago my blog-and-real-life friend (and often pop culture twin) Kev asked me to write a guest post on his collaborative blog, and I finally did it! The results can be found hee-yah. I love that blog, and it was an honor to go do my thing in the authors' company. You should check out some other entries while you're over there, really great stuff.

Song of the day, by Drake: I don't looove Drake, as an artist. To me he'll always be Jimmy from Degrassi TNG, and that guy was a jerk even after he got paralyzed. Maybe even more so. But I do like some of his songs, and maybe this one most of all. He uses a word over and over again that I don't feel good using, and it turns out that it's a positive thing for you because otherwise I'd probably be quoting from it constantly.

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