Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Plus, Honoring Veterans

I just realized, Memorial Day weekend approacheth. Memorial Day Ding-Dong-Diddly Weekend! Get psyched y'all! I've got no plans, I'm traveling nowhere, and that is thrilling to me, but here's a list of things that will or could happen that make me most especially psyched:

-emerging from this much-needed but wore-out-its-welcome-already rain stuff for a sunshiny walkabout
-gin and tonics on the patio
-an abundance of grilled foods, or sea-foods, or both
-time for playing and reading and bubble-blowing and sidewalk chalk drawing and baseball watching 
-breaking these babies in further (they make me taller than Mike, which is a novelty)

-ice cream eating
-no work on Monday!
-whatever and whatever, I love MDW.

As usual, the majority of what I'm excited about concerns eating and drinking and loafing about. And I'm 100% OK with that. I know we've got a couple of days before it kicks off (based on my facebook feed, I'm not alone in feeling like this is the longest week), but I happen to adore anticipation.

In conclusion, Welcome (Unofficial) Summer. As potential jams go, this here's my frontrunner. It's a little more political than I like to get in my summer anthems, but the horns, people. The horns....

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