Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gross or Not Gross?

Where does your grossness threshold lie? What everyday things are so gross to you that you don't want to even think about them? Conversely, what things are totally acceptable to you that might be over the line for others? I was thinking about this as I clipped my toenails because that's a big one for me: toenails. I keep mine super short, because long toenails, even long-ish ones that are somehow deemed the appropriate length for a pedicure, make me want to vomit. Feet in and of themselves don't particularly offend me, but toenails, the thought being touched by toenails - EW. No. Even fingernails to an extent give me the heebies. There's just so much dead there. And I don't want to get into what could possibly have accumulated underneath, you know? If human nails were ok with you before, I probably did a great job of turning you. It's a little talent of mine.

On the flip side, I acknowledge that Mike and I have a weird habit that nobody's ever commented about to our faces, but I imagine strikes people as odd at best, totally disgusting at worst. I don't know how or when it started, probably as a by-product of us living together which has been the whole of our relationship, but we usually share a water glass. Not other beverages. I mean we take sips from each other's drinks to try or whatever, but we have our own coffee cups or cocktails. When there's a glass of water though, and there always is, there's one cup for the two of us. Saves on dishes maybe? Anyway, I guess I'm completely impervious to Mike's germs. As long as they're not his toenail germs.

Please share some gross/not gross examples if you have the inclination, I could use some distraction because being on the cusp of a long weekend is obviously not distraction enough.

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