Monday, May 7, 2012

5 + 1

A list of five lovely things for a lovely Monday in May, and a sad thing too:

1) It's my grandfather's birthday today, he would have been 88 this year. This date will always be special to me, and I use it to remember Pup in celebration instead of sadness.

2) This weekend was a bomb of friend time, of the hilarity and singular cuteness of two very different two-year-olds making nice (mostly). Of ocean smells and beautiful views, even if the weather didn't always cooperate. Of pasta and wine and sitting around the table for hours laughing. Ain't we lucky we got 'em?

3) SUPERMOON. Space is cool, yo.

4) The Secret History, again. I've always wanted to reread this because I loved it so much the first time, and it turns out that 12 hours confined to an airplane (and the dogged inability to sleep under such conditions) makes for the perfect opportunity. Read it once, then read it again, I'm telling you.

5) The best song by the New York Dolls that isn't by the New York Dolls. I think we can all agree that music has been missing this sound for a long time, yah?

Double music post:  I would be just plain wrong if I did not post a song in memory of the recently, unjustly departed Adam Yauch. I am way more gutted by his death than I have a right to be, this may be the biggest loss I've felt from a musician's passing, including Michael Jackson. Where MJ was bigger than life, MCA is as real to me as if I went to high school with him. I feel like we grew up together.

RIP Nathaniel Hornblower, the world is truly amiss without your secret swagger and quiet enlightenment and razor-gargling delivery.

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  1. Just saw your note in my NC blog. Ahh, I'm so glad you relate to MCA's passing. I completely agree that it feels like the death of a kid we went to high school with. There's a definite hole. It still hurts. Thanks for posting that video. Sigh.