Thursday, May 3, 2012

Time Honored Tradition

 38th Time's A Charm (Maybe)
A Play, in One Act.

Scene, interior, office, daytime:

Dawn: Cough hack cough sniffle sneeze, oh hell this cold is draining the life from me.

Same scene, 48 hours later: 

Dawn: Cough hack sniffle sneeze, oh hell.... Oh... yeah. The allergies that come on like clockwork every spring that I forget about like clockwork every spring. 


I'm just going to go ahead and schedule this into my google calendar for next year so I can save myself two days of suffering when I could at least be starting up the Neti Pot jamboree. My life, she is-a so exciting.

We've got another busy weekend on the horizon, crammed with two work obligations (even one is rare on the weekend), as well as a jaunt to the North Shore and all the water views and fried bivalves that entails, so it's imperative that I start feeling better immediately. We'll also be seeing out-of-town friends and I look forward to hanging out and letting our toddlers run wild together. Thinking about it, if a weekend can have an opposite, this coming one is probably that to the last one, except maybe the getting to hang around with friends part. But balance in all things, etc.

OK! Bye!

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