Tuesday, May 1, 2012

If I Could Talk, I'd Tell Ya

This jet setting wedding weekend was a blast, and true to form, I'm in no shape to write about it today. I blame the time change adjustments and some kind of scratchy-throated, voice-robbing, coughing crud I must have picked up on the plane. There's so much I want to write about, hence so much that I'll leave for tomorrow.

In case you were wondering, the boy did just fine left in the care of his beloved Mammy and Tita, and though I missed him so much by Sunday morning it physically hurt (and that's not just the tequila aftermath), the fact that the three of us survived the time apart was good for us all.

So, a catalog of good stuff tomorrow. For today, what I really need is for this workday to end (three more hours), a good head-clearing run (if the aforementioned crud doesn't strike me down first) and a relatively early bedtime crash (toddler willing, as ever).

Time to power through.

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