Monday, May 14, 2012

The Return

This weekend was a gift, just beautiful all the way through. Saturday we celebrated HR's second birthday, and it all came together just perfectly. He was surrounded by his family and some close friends, the weather was amazing and allowed for lots of outdoor mingling and sidewalk chalk drawing, and the kids played together really well. This age is a blast, I love watching all the little dudes interact now that they are finally starting to do so. For the adults there was lots of delicious food and beverages and great company. I adore our house and feel lucky to have it, but I'll never stop dreaming for a bigger one so we can host bigger and bigger parties, because I would really like to have a chance for everyone I love to participate in these occasions if they want to. Birthday #2 was a total success thanks in part to lots of behind-the-scenes hard work by Mike and my moms and grandmother, and in the other part to the easygoing, fun loving crowd. My kid won't remember the day years from now, but I will and it makes me more likely to get excited about the parties in his future.

I took lots of pictures, but I didn't get to upload from my camera, so here's a shot from my phone of the birthday boy, sharing a quiet moment (and a strawberry) with his grandfather.

It was an extreme bummer that Mike had to leave after the cake to get to work, and I have a feeling that we could have had a stellar afterparty with the remaining adults (hmmm, next year!), but I somehow came into the possession of four tickets to the Sox game, and so I went off with my sister, brother and sister-in-law and left my totally exhausted little monkey in the care of his grandparents. What a great night! The picture doesn't do it justice, but part of the impetus to go to this game was that we got to see it from these seats:

Eleven rows back, these were probably the best legit tickets I've ever had (I've had closer seats before, but only by virtue of sneaking into abandoned spots at my own peril). The Sox had an easy win, the weather remained warm and wonderful, and I got to rock out with my siblings like I haven't in ages. We followed up the victory with a round at the tiki bar (best kept secret in the Fenway area - shhhh) and made it to Mike's work to collect him when he got sprung. Just goodness, all the way through.

Yesterday was a calm, relaxing mother's day, all I could ever want. Most of my family cleared out by morning, and my darling boy (via his very smart and generous pops) gifted me not only with a totally unnecessary but very appreciated spa certificate, but with a healthy afternoon nap so I got to lounge about with my brother and his wife and just feel at peace.

This is my third Mother's day, and I always feel like an impostor when I get cards or gifts or wishes from anyone because to me, for starters, it's my mother who is the mother. You know? And another thing is that, though it's a given that HR is my life and I do just about everything for him, I just get the feeling that Mike should get to claim Mother's and Father's day for all he does. But whatever, I'll take the spoils!

This morning as I was driving in I was feeling just so, so good, still high on the last couple of days, and I realized that at the heart of it my deep contentment is due to finally, finally feeling like myself again this many years after giving birth. HR is and always will be my most awesome accomplishment, but it took a long time for me to get back to where I used to be, mentally and emotionally. The mama version of where I used to be, I mean. The better, enhanced, 2.0, Joss Whedon re-visioning of the person known as childless Dawn. It's hard to explain, but if you've had a kid, you probably know what I'm talking about.

In conclusion, I am so grateful for all the incredible people in my life, no matter how you ended up there. I'm so grateful for the life I get to lead, my family and friends, my amazing partner and best friend, and my beautiful, snuggle bug of a son.

This song has nothin' to do with nothin', but it kicks ass and will forever more.

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