Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Someone staying with us at work has been talking on the phone outside my window for a solid two hours. To be fair I think she's talked to several people in this time, also I have no idea what she's saying since she's speaking Spanish. It simply boggles my mind that someone can be on the phone for so long. I'm a minimum-amount-of-information-exchange kind of phone talker. Email and text messaging were the best things that ever happened to me, communication-wise. I know those methods can be impersonal and sometimes only calling and talking will do, but on the whole I'd rather have my toes set on fire one by one than talk on the phone. Maybe not that drastic, but not so far off the mark, either.

Anyway, this day is sapping me and though I came to my little writing space in hopes of riffing my way to an inspired post, I'm over that idea already. Tomorrow, perhaps, will be worth reading. It's not really up to me to judge my own read-worthiness though, now is it? I don't have, like, 20 whole followers for nothing. And only 19 of them are related to me. Winner of life!

Yes, yes. So. Ween may or may not have officially broken up as of this writing but whether or not the buzz is warranted, in my opinion, it's always a good time for Ween.

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  1. Quickly Derek, run and get your Mammy!