Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Second Career

How you know you did the right thing when you and your husband decided he would be the stay-at-home parent: when you come home in the evening to be greeted by a toddler shouting "HELLO CLEVELAND!"

This, this is a fun ride. Two years in, and I know we're just getting started.

All right kids, here's my task of the day: trying to get my mind off clothes. I've never been particularly stylish or enjoyed shopping for the sake of it, but I've been going through a real clothing obsession lately. I think I've written about that in here before, it happens periodically, usually around the change of seasons. I bought a couple of things the other day (thank you, internet), statement pieces as opposed to every day staples, but I think I should probably make some headway there too. For one thing, my only pair of shorts are denim cut-offs that have worn away in some suspect places. I could probably do with a pair or two to get me through the summer without looking like I just rolled out of Dogpatch.

In my fantasy, I have a wardrobe of only dresses-- fun, interesting, flattering and well-made dresses. But 1) I do live in New England and though tights help in the winter, pants are good to have on hand, and 2) it's not like I have an unlimited threads budget. The important thing is ("importance" being and extremely relative term here), as I pare down and pare down what lives in my closet and drawers, keeping only what fits well, what I actually wear, I need to keep making sure that any new stuff coming in is going to continue making the cut for a long time. And I think I'm up to the challenge. Partly because of that whole budget thing. But also I'm doing this thing where I make myself wait overnight before I buy anything. If it still looks good to me in the light of the next day, if I'm still longing for it, then I'll get it. If it's merely meh upon revisiting, it wasn't meant to be.

Shopping Philosophy 101 - I'll be teaching this at a liberal arts college near you in the near future.

Hey, this song's pretty great.

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