Monday, June 4, 2012

Fairly Typical

This weekend I:

-attended a lovely surprise 30th birthday party on a boat. On a Saturday night! With my husband!

-ran nearly 8 miles (though not all at once)

-cashed in my one-hour massage that was a Mother's Day gift from last year and was super psyched in the afterglow to remember that I have one from this year to be used any time I want

-got to hang out with my family a lot, take advantage of their presence to do things for myself while they spent time with HR, and enjoy seeing him interact with those who love him (feeling incredibly lucky and grateful all the while)

-ate doughnuts and nachos and egg rolls and greek salad and cake and drank wine and iced coffee and a lot of other wonderful stuff I don't remember - I like foods and things (you think?)

-woke up to a happy little boy who, instead of whining right off the bat as he is wont to do, pressed his cheek to mine and said, "Hi, Buddy."

Ah, life. Now to get back to work life, which is busy life. But before I do, the story of today's song choice. At this stage, HR hasn't been interested in much music that isn't Old MacDonald (may I never hear this ever again...) or songs from his Music Together class CDs, but this one came on the Classic Alternative station the other day and he really responded to it, yelling "Hey!" at the chorus and asking for it again. Funny I don't remember it at all from the 80s, but it's a favorite of Mike's and apparently impossible to purchase unless you buy vinyl. So as always, I'm thankful for ethical sketchiness of youtube.

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