Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One Thing's For Sure: Monopoly Is the Worst

These days we've been playing a lot of a little game called "Another." It's a list game. Like Monopoly, it goes on forever. Also like Monopoly, nobody really wins. Not without cheating.

"Another people, Daddy work," HR demands. So I list every co-worker of Mike's I can think of. And when I'm out of people, this does not count as an acceptable reason to stop naming names.

"Another sleepover," then, as in, tell me the details of the sleepover we're going to have with friends. I think we've gone over the layout at least three times from what we might have for dinner up until the last thing we do before leaving. Still, "Another."

"Another people, Maine," this time. Oh, this should be cake - my family is huge. He'll get bored before I run out of cousins, before I even get to my cousins' kids. Ha. HA!

I haven't gotten to the point where I've started inventing people, but I have gotten pretty creative in who falls in what category. Aunt Judy if anyone asks, you're now from Maine. And dogs count as people.

But I sort of love it. It gets repetitious of course, the endless listing, and it's hard to explain that when the list ends, the list... ends. But it makes me happy that my kid is so interested in knowing things. I'm enamored with the curiosity phase so far. Our party trick is asking HR what people's "real names" are. He's great at this, from Mike and me to his grandparents to his cousins, he even knows Great Gram's first and last name. I can't remember how old I was when I became aware that people had names other than what I called them, he's probably on the normal course, but he seems to have grasped the concept without us ever harping on it. Plus it's just so damn cute to hear things like "Kay-dee PARE-ee" coming from his mouth.

So there's a peek into the latest, developmentally. Maybe tomorrow I'll write about something non-motherhood related. But no promises.

Ah, this song.

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