Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yeah, Boyyyy

I guess the parenting goddesses approved of my sentiments from yesterday's post, as I was rewarded in the form of a child who 1) slept through until morning in his crib and 2) peed on the potty for the first time ever. He proceeded to pee on the floor five minutes later (hardwood flooring - best decision ever), but hey, it was something.

I have a small clarification regarding what I wrote, first though, thank you for all the feedback. I love that my overall take resonated with people because I really do feel that way. I may disagree with the way people do things as I'm sure I'm not a poster child for mamahood from other people's points of view, but it doesn't matter because as long as what we're doing is loving our kids, who cares how we do it? It's all about personal choice, and being confident and feeling supported in those choices. What I want to clear up is that I didn't mean to single out and pick on one person who wrote a book that I've never read. I've actually heard rave upon rave about "French Kids Eat Everything" from people I respect, I guess I just took the mania surrounding it to serve as a jumping-off point to air my thoughts about how mainstream media is a big old field of parental-guilt landmines, and there are ways to avoid losing a limb out there. "Don't believe the hype" is the banner of House Joyberrypie, and I fly it with pride, even when I stumble.

Seems like a perfect segue into a Public Enemy song. And who am I to overlook a perfect segue when it presents itself?

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