Thursday, June 7, 2012

But Not For Me

Last night I not only tricked Mike into watching SYTYCD with me, but he voiced opinions about the contestants. My work here is done. Not too many comments on the show, since they actually focused on talent instead of stupid novelty jerks (some of the bits were drawn out, but all in all it was preferable to "Sex" versions 1-5), I was spoiled by great dancing and as such nothing really stood out. OK the belly dancer was great, because belly dancing is wonderful and she was incredible to watch. Oh and the bacon girl, loved her. Also: Dragon House. I can't imagine more than one making it out of Vegas, but their auditions were a treat. Oh and Debbie Allen sweet jesus. I could watch her forever. Oh, and where the crap are the ballroom dancers this year? But really that's all for the dancing for today.

And for... everything else too I guess, I'm already spent and I have some detail-oriented work that needs my attention. So bye, and here's the song I have chosen to share. I am old as the hills and you cannot possibly blame me for loving it.

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