Monday, January 3, 2011

Tu Me Manques Terriblement

There is SO much to write about the past ten days. It went by so fast, and the passage of time continues to blow my mind. But I'm sitting here at the foot of Work Mountain and there's no telling how long it'll take to conquer this bad girl. For once, though, I am in a terrifically un-depressed state upon returning to post-holiday life because 1) I spent last night doing visualization exercises about how bad my desk would look, and after imagining the worst case scenario, it turned out not to be so bad; 2) I found the cure for post-good-time blues, and it's called "Showtime has every episode of every season of Dexter On Demand" and 3) I'm secretly a compulsive organizer, and making order out of chaos pleases me - today is all about that. Oh, and lest we forget, coffee, that verily unsung hero.

It's unexpectedly calm here, the perfect conditions for the work ahead, and I'm ready to get this year going. When I get around to making base camp, I'll do a fair bit of reflection. I have to say that even if it were an utter shitshow today, taking off the past week and change was totally worth it.

Today is the three-year anniversary of my beloved grandfather's passing. He always came first with me, with all of his kids and grandchildren, and there are no regrets about the time we could have spent together. He was there for us, and we were there for him. And the years have helped to dull the grief, but we'll never, ever stop missing him.

This one's for you, Pup.

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