Thursday, January 27, 2011

All I'm Sayin'

Sweet jesus my sweet baby is nine months old today! Tomorrow we go to get him measured and weighed and stuck with needles, the last time before he's a year old. I can't believe it, any of it. Pretty soon he'll be a toddler, and next thing I know we'll be locking up the booze and teaching him about how birth control isn't just the girl's responsibility (or the safe-sex equivalent if he's turns out not to be interested in girls). This is just to say, even when I get caught up in the every day obsession with his sleeping and eating and pooping, time is a son of a bitch and I need to just enjoy his biteable cheeks and willingness to be hugged while I can.

What to say about all this snow? Two things only: 1) I am so lucky to have off-street parking and a husband who gets down with a shovel like nobody's business and 2) a short trip to Florida has been planned for April during which we'll get to visit with my girl Nik and soak up some sunshine and experience flying with a little one (not so much looking forward to that part, but at least it's not too long a flight). Something to look forward to is a mighty powerful coping mechanism.

Oh, and thank you all for your feedback on my cake search! So many good ideas. I'm thinking about whipping myself up a Guinness chocolate cake if I get the time - it's the one cake I have made with repeated success and sooo good. And it's a good excuse to have some Guinness in the house. But I'm also thinking about wedding cake - white with supersweet white frosting. Where do you get such a thing if not for at a wedding? Red velvet is calling to me as well... hmm. Whatever I end up with, you'll hear about it.

Today's song selection goes out to my son (after all this time I still think it's weird to say I have a son), it's a live, extended version of one of the first lullabies I sang to him and am known to murmur it in his ear to this day. To my dear HR: Mama la-la loves you forever.

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  1. Aw, we did we go to stinking Lowell instead of Paradise? That was awesome, we should have gone. They actually seemed to genuinely enjoy each other's presence!