Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dug Out

Snow Day '11 definitely lived up to the hype, weather-wise. And personally, it was fantastically lovely. There were burgers and Guinness with friends 'round the way (pub owners don't get snow days, but it was made up for in business), stretches of quiet calm, lots of playing and snuggling. And laundry, loads and loads of laundry. Mike did all the shoveling, but it's gotten so much better for him since new neighbors moved in who actually pull their weight. Overall, good times.

Today when I left for work HR cried and reached for me - that's the first time he ever did that. It put a little crack in my heart, but I know he was fine within a minute. Childrens, I tell you. It's nice I'll be at home for the next three days, but here's hoping that it doesn't make leaving on Monday that much worse.

So day 4 of the yoga challenge, and I'm loving it. It helps that the sessions are short, the longest so far being 40 minutes, so I don't really have an excuse not to just do it. And as any procrastinator worth her salt knows, just doing it--whatever "it" is--is 3/4 of the battle. Of course my muscles are like, "what?" because they haven't been used in this way in a long time. But it feels right. My goal is, by the end of these three weeks, to have re-instilled a practice into my life, if not on a daily basis then at least a few times a week. I think it's entirely do-able, and entirely up to me.

Just now my "it" is work and I've got seven short hours to get a b-load of it done so I'm going to get after it. First though, a high-energy tune to kick my butt into gear. How great is this song?

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