Friday, January 21, 2011

Say it With Rodney

For this early in a work-from-home day I've been mighty productive so I'm just taking a moment to get the jibba-jabbas out.

It's come to my attention that this is my 100th entry. I suppose I should be including some monumental content today, something to commemmorate all the whateverness I've been pouring in here, a slice of pie for the author at least. But here I am, consciously squandering a milestone. It's freeing, actually, to not feel like I have to attach any importance to it. 100 entries? So what? So let's dance!

And brother of mine, since music is a cornerstone in our relationship, to designate one perfect song for you would be like Mike Brady picking a favorite child (clearly not Jan, but of the other five). So here's one I like by a band I like and I'm pretty sure you like it too.


  1. D, I, too, love Steely Dan. I've been liking the music/youtubes you've been putting up here. Happy 100th entry. Hope you're enjoying(?) the snow. If you're tired of it, send some of it our way--we are in a "snow hole" according to several sources. My friends to the north are getting pounded, my southern friends have had days off, but we have had nothing. Maybe I should be careful what I wish for though... ;-)

  2. We always talk about how underrated Steely Dan is. Apparently we just know bad people.

    PS: He comes on here specifically to see what musical selections you choose...I have to relay the rest of the information. He'll be thrilled about the dedication. I'll probably have to tranquilize him.