Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Joyberry Cake?

I'm trying to cut down the amount of sugar I thoughtlessly put in my body. I have no interest in cutting it out entirely, but I know I definitely get a lot more than I even consciously enjoy. Considering the tooth woes popping up in my recent past, it really can't hurt me to pay attention to my sweet intake. When I was pregnant I was super permissive in this regard. I'm thinking of how last February involved me watching a whole lotta Johnny Weir on TV while polishing off jumbo boxes of day-after-sale Valentine's chocolates and rubbing my big squirmy belly. It was glorious. But even as breastfeeding seems to take care of weight loss for poundage's sake, it doesn't take into account what I'm actually putting into my body and I should really be more mindful.

That said, I find myself wanting cake. Bad. Not a particular kind, just cake in general. Normally this would be a big premenstrual red flag, but  since I haven't had a period since July 2009, I'm chalking up to just one of those cravings, probably me being suggestible based on a picture in a magazine or something. (No I'm not pregnant again, bite your damn tongue! The combo of nursing and my current form of birth control have wiped out my monthly occurrence and I don't miss it one bit.)

Anyhow, so the deal I made for myself is that if I can hold off until the weekend, I have the green light to procure some cake that's realllllly worth it. I'm making that my weekend project: Cake Quest 2011. That and putting a stop to middle-of-the-night nursing (which should also be a piece of cake, right? HA). So what's the best cake? I'm accepting suggestions.

As for this, well I just love this.


  1. Red velvet cake. Enough said. Have you ever had a guinness chocolate cake? If you're not up for something chocolate-flavored, I'd say angel food cake with fresh berries. Why not mix up the healthy with the...well....the cake? :-)

  2. Oh ... if only I could give you the last red velvet cupcake currently in my fridge right now! I'm also a big fan of chocolate cake + chocolate buttercream. You could make a vegan choco cake (my go-to, as it's delicious) so you feel less 'guilty' :) And definitely agree re Guiness-chocolate! xo

  3. Carrot with cream cheese topping. It has a vegetable in it. ;)