Monday, January 24, 2011

If Only I Had Some Lasagna

Not to be all Garfield and crap but OOF this Monday landed like a ton of bricks for me and everyone I know. It's like the world's being run by gremlins, and not like in the beginning part when they're just fun and mischievous but later on when things get microwave-blowy-uppy. How many 1980s references can I cram into one entry? That is a rhetorical question.

Anyway, it was a darling, friend-filled, non-leaving-the-house weekend. We ate barbecue, we drank Manhattans made with St. Germain, we snuggled up with our monkey baby and all that jazz. The teething fairy came for a visit and though the eventual result will be adorable choppers, what we've got right now is cranky, needy little boy. Poor lamb. And I think it's negative 50 out there? Couldn't we all use a mental vacation (as well as a literal one)? Here's this then, it's the best I can do for now. Those hair stylings alone are almost as good as a trip to Aruba.

Technically my sister Katie should have been up in the dedication rotation, but there's a reason I'm leaving her for tomorrow and that's because it's her birthday. Also tomorrow: I find out whether or not I need to get my mouth-bones scraped... whatever that means. I don't really want to know unless I have to, so if you do, please keep it to yourself for now.

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