Thursday, January 6, 2011

Patches Make the Goodbye Harder, Still

Hey y'all, today on Paula Deen it's a bunch of paragraphs about unrelated things! And butter and may-nayse!

- So. Everyone has a weakness, and mine is old dudes. And old lady-dudes. The elderly, basically. It doesn't take a genius to know it stems directly from growing up freakishly close to my grandparents. Anyway. This morning I was stopped at a light and this adorable old dude was trying to navigate the curb to get up to the sidewalk and it was seriously stressing me out. I was *thisclose* to putting my car into park and creating a traffic situation so I could give him a steadying arm, but he grabbed onto a signpost and hauled himself up and I cheered out loud.

-I'm not gonna lie: I loved Hot Tub Time Machine. I suspected I would, but I wasn't sure exactly how it would endear me. Rob Corddry made the whole thing, frankly. But it's also nice to see John Cusack doing something fun and stupid. This is his best role since The Ice Harvest, I think. If you have something against seeing bodily excretions, maybe skip it. It's not really a spoiler to tell you that they all make an appearance. Yep, all of 'em. But if you can handle gross-out humor, you will be rewarded.

-I'm still binging on Dexter - Michael C. Hall is AMAZING in this role. And then I found out that he played the Emcee in Cabaret, which is basically my yardstick for how awesome a performer can be. Though I think I already figured out the identity of the Ice Truck Killer (don't tell me one way or the other) and I'm in for a world of nightmares because of this twisted-ass stuff, I can't stop watching. Guess we'll be hanging on to Showtime after all.

-There has been a positive trend in HR's sleeping habits this week, but I won't elaborate because want of a good night's rest has turned me superstitious. Though have I gushed enough about my boy lately? I don't think I have. He's started making this curious little growly face accompanied with a snorting sound that is so adorable you could puke, and he's chattering all the time. Yeah, he says "Dada" ten times more than he says "Mama," but as long as he keeps reaching out for me he can say any old thing he wants.

-It seems like Christmas and the whole shebang was a hundred years ago now and I'm getting less inclined to recap it, but I feel like HR's first go-round deserves an entry at least. I actually have one more "Christmas" to look forward to with family members this coming weekend, so after that I'll do my illustrated wrap up of the past few weeks so I can quit talking about it already.

I'll leave you with this little gem for today:

Is it just because I'm a older lady now, or was Cat Stevens not a fox of his time?

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