Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No, Not THAT Katie Perry

Huzzah, I don't need any scary cryptic dental procedures! I know you were all super worried about that, so now you can put your mind to rest. Plus heat and power have been restored to my workplace, I'm eating a pretty decent Greek-style falafel wrap and I've finally made it to the rumored-to-be best season of Dexter, Season 4. In which I find that he has named his infant son the same as I named mine. I had no idea! The point of it all is to say that things are well, and I'm way behind schedule but I can't not acknowledge that this is a very important day.

What day is that you say? The day upon which my baby sister--a rock star who accomplishes the impossible feat of being a redhead without being a ginger--was brought into the world 31 years ago. Happy birthday Katie Rae! This one goes out to you and anyone foolish enough to challenge you to a dance-off.

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