Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Leave the TV and the Radio Behind

Stand back, it's a good old fashioned mama bear entry. I'm just asking for it all to be turned on its head, but it'll happen anyway, so why not take stock of the major happenings while they're happening?

Here's the thing about now: baby boy is burning up the floor, hauling his little body around at crazy speeds, pulling up to all fours and sitting himself upright. The pulling-up-to-standing milestone is imminent. He eats like a champ, smacking his little gums and opening wide like a birdie and he loves everything we give him. He can't get enough of animal sounds, and this is great because I can usually distract him when he needs distracting but Mama's running out of animals she can imitate, so it gets old pretty fast. He sits in my lap and listens to stories, helps me turn the pages, talks to the pictures.

We're settled into a pretty reliable bedtime and naptime routine (he's actually been leaning towards a mega morning nap and a lesser afternoon one as of this week, it'll be interesting to see where this goes), and while we're not all the way there yet, I think the "drowsy but awake" part of putting him to bed is finally starting to click.

His enthusiasm about nursing is waning, he's really only into it at nighttime and though I do plan to wean somewhere around his first birthday, I'm already getting sentimental about it because it's our close time. Months ago, after a bout of thrush and a baby who was only ever really happy when he was attached to my breast, I never thought I'd be the kind of person who felt this way. But with patience and persistence it became so easy, and such a comfortable and sweet part of our bond.

HR is a nosy dude, so interested in every sound, every visual. We try not to expose him to too much TV because he's totally enthralled, but he gets a little Sesame Street and, ok, Family Guy here and there and I don't feel bad about that. I'm so happy to report that he's still a social baby. He loves people, especially other babies.

Everything is everything and I'm so lucky. Don't think there's a minute of the day that I'm not aware of that, not even the 2 a.m. wake-up minutes.

*Musical Interlude*

So I had a great wedding, I loved my wedding. And I did love the song we chose to do our first dance with our parents (Mike and I did our Dad/Mom dance at the same time to save time for more group dancing). We picked Bob Dylan's "Forever Young", which is a family thing for me in addition to being a great song. But in my revisionist memory, this was my real first dance with my father. Because it is our song. If I ever had to do it again (I'm never doing it again, but for the sake of this entry), Dad and I would have stepped out with everyone's favorite new wave troll, Joe Jackson. For PP:

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