Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Countdown to Second Breakfast

Snow day up in here! Snow days used to mean sleeping in and watching movie after movie or reading a whole book or getting up to some ridiculous, esoteric project*. Not so much making snowmen and sledding. I mean, yeah, there was some of that, but I was more of an indoor sort as a child. I liked my free time to dabble in Hobbit-ry.

Days off due to weather obviously have a downside, mainly that there's the weather itself to contend with, but having grown up in rural Maine winter isn't all that scary to me. I kind of enjoy it until about late February. And today, though it's downright nasty out there, I'm making up for my lack of sleep-in time (unless you count 7 a.m. as sleeping in, and I sometimes do) by sipping on coffee with a shot of Bailey's and mucking around on the computer while the baby naps. We're thinking about venturing out to the pub for lunch later on, but no matter what we end up getting up to, I'm feeling really lucky to be safe and warm and with my two favorite dude-types. And hoping you're all experiencing the equivalent.

*When I was a teenager, my two best girlfriends and I would find a way to get to each other in the nastiest of weather and we got pretty creative with our snow day activities. I'm thinking of one time in particular when we made a huge batch of pancake batter and used it to make pancake letters that spelled out a series of things that were hil-AR-ious to the three of us. I don't believe we actually ate the pancakes, but we got a day's worth of fun out of them. One of these girlfriends, I can assure you, is not having a snow day today in her Florida home. But whatever. Nik, this one's for you:

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  1. LMAO!!! Letter pancakes!! Holy crap. Please when HR is old enough to eat pancakes, do this with him!! :) And the song....awesome!!! Where in the world did you dig this one up!? it!! nik