Monday, January 10, 2011

I Will Try to Make My Way to the Ordinary World

Another great, family-filled weekend is over. How do these things happen? The holiday season is now firmly, irrevocably behind me. And I'm totally OK with that, I'm ready for things to calm down. But it's so nice to have a home overflowing with people you just adore, all clamoring to lavish attention and love on the babies. It's a good for everyone, and a great start to growing up.

I left HR with my parents two nights in a row. It was after he had already been put to bed, but they did have to deal with some wake-ups and it was such a nice thing for me to go out and be among the humans after dark, knowing he was safely looked after. I paid for it in sleep (I so rarely see midnight, let alone one a.m. from that side of the night anymore) and in follow-up anxiety dreams, but it was a fair price to be a grown up sipping a Sazerac and conversing without a wiggle worm drooling on my shoulder.

Tomorrow: illustrated tales of ham bags, white boxes, Apples to Apples, explosive gas alarms and much, much more...

Today though: my yoga challenge begins. I'd say it's just exactly the right time.

This is for my dear, dear friend K at a very tough time. Love you and I'm thinking of you.

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