Monday, December 27, 2010

And a Partridge in an Ock-U-Pus Tree

Baby's first Christmas has been smashing. Overwhelming in every sense of the word, but spectacular. This year may not mean anything to him other than he doesn't go wanting for attention for a second, but to me it activates a whole new set of traditions, a chance to shape what his memories will be when he's an adult. I may go into further detail about the whos and whats in a later entry (including some pictures for once), but today I'm sipping my second cup of coffee in my stretchy pants, savoring the quiet while the little mister (who is eight months old today) naps and the house settles down in the midst of a blizzard. Right this minute there is no place I'd rather be. Mike had to go back to Boston yesterday to work so it's a bummer that he's not here, but hopefully the weather will allow for his safe return to us this afternoon. He's really the only thing missing. Here's what's not missing: food. Thank heavens whatever afflicted me last week seemed to be relegated to 24 hours because there were so many delicacies awaiting me, and still many I have yet to hit up for seconds. One hasn't lived, in my opinion, until the concept of "breakfast dessert" becomes the norm.

I have to say that taking the week off between holidays was one of my better ideas. Now I must get back to the luxurious loungefest. I hope everyone everywhere is safe and warm and happy.


  1. Miss you guys. We just ate two huge slabs of Aunt Amelia's chocolate-lemon-pudding stuff.

  2. I had pumpkin pie for breakfast this morning myself. Yessss!

  3. Can't wait to see pictures & hear more details! We already miss you guys and the little mister so much!