Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The World's Smallest Turkey

Last night I did some long-overdue yoga. I hope to do some more tomorrow. It's really not the same when you're in your living room trying to follow a TV instructor and keeping half an ear open for the baby monitor, but it's something from which I can benefit even if the conditions are less than ideal. It's the same with writing. You can't wait around for things to be just right, you just have to do it. I'll get back to classes again someday. Someday I might just fulfill my dream of becoming a certified instructor. Until then, Exercise TV and Yoga Downloads it is. And squeezing in 15 minutes and a half hour here and there on the novel will have to do.

Oh, and there's the title of my life story, Making the Most of It: The Musical! (Of course it'll be a fucking musical.)

Anyway, work still beckons, and my teacup ain't refillng itself. So I'll leave you with a saucy treat of a tune. This week my carol choices have taken on a decidedly 80s theme. But anyway, to me, it's not Christmas until I hear this.

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