Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts

Hallelu- hallelu- hallelujah, the root canal is done! And though it is a freaky thing to contemplate going on in one's own mouth, it was nothin', after everything else. I don't think I've ever been numb up to my eyeballs before, but hey, whatever they have to do to live up to their promise that it will be a painless procedure. According to the endodontist I had one hell of an infection up in there. I'm not sure how it started or how long it had been raging but once again it's been proven that pain is useful - who knows what might have happened if I hadn't been hurting so bad. Lessons learned and all that jazz. And that's the very end of this subject, hopefully forever and ever.

There's so much going on it the world. So much wonderful-ness. And I look forward to writing about it when I don't have so much work to do. This is my busiest time of year at work, it will rage on through January, but it's also my favorite time of year because it means that people are giving. Approximately 200 bizarre and annoying things go on every day as well, but they are easier to swallow when the mail carrier drops in with a giant stack of mail for me.

Mike contributed today's selection for song-of-the-day. I must say that it is so fantastic that it defies description. Just click on over. You have our guarantee it's four minutes of your life you'll hand over with pleasure.


  1. Okay, now I am officially blown away. Bryan Adams and Pee-Wee Herman AND Reggae? Wheeee! ~LA

    PS: Delighted you're feeling better.

  2. hahahaaaa did you see I posted a photo of that bryan adams record recently? except my reaction was one of horror! ha, to each her own, I'm glad someone enjoys it.

  3. I saw that after I already wrote mine. Freaky! I don't think the song's much without the video. Love the green vinyl on the 45 though.