Thursday, December 16, 2010

Claus... is that German?

Random subject time!

First, let's talk about breakfast. I've always been a breakfast eater, I'm starving in the morning. Lately I especially love oatmeal for breakfast. A huge, hot bowl with the kitchen sink thrown in, that's-a what I'm talking about. However Mike went grocery shopping the other morning and was unable to resist the pull of Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries in its throwback packaging. And so we feasted upon the crunchberries, and lo, they were good. Not as an every day thing, mind you, but as a treat, it was a super delicious breakfast and not disappointing as nostalgia-prompted food purchases often turn out to be.

Second: my brother's band is playing in town tonight. I won't be there as they are going on after my bedtime, but Mike will represent for our family. If you are in the area and want to go, they could surely use the cheering section. Also, in my very unbiased opinion they are exceptionally talented.

Thirdly: it occurred to me, now that Mike's half of the family is taken care of for the holidays, that I still have Xmas shopping to do. Yeah, I'm pretty awesome at life. Luckily Mike's always looking for errands to fill up the day so he and HR will have plenty to do next week. It's been years since my immediate family exchanged gifts because we usually save up our dough and go on vacation together, but 2011 brings two big weddings. I'm petitioning that once again we all save our dough and put it toward those. I can't stop anyone from buying presents for the baby, nor would I want to, but we adults mostly have what we need and in this crunch-crunch time, I think we can go another year without stressing over buying things.

Fourth: usually we go to Portsmouth NH, one of our favorite little cities, with some friends for an overnight extravaganza at this time of year. We're not going this year, but I'm missing it dearly. So, next - it's on, come hell or high water. Y'all hear me?

Fifth: I just found out that MTV is remaking Skins. I have nothing good to say about that.

And finally, I actually heard this (a heavily censored version of it, anyway) on the radio this morning and it reminded me, I love Sarah Silverman.

Don't be dicks, and have a great weekend!

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