Friday, December 10, 2010

Please to Put a Penny In the Old Man's Hat

So I'm going in for a root canal on Monday. I'm not nervous, I just want this overwith. I have to say it didn't give me a great feeling when I opened my mouth yesterday and the dentist was like, "DUDE."  Apparently it's rare for me to be swollen in the location I am, and as much as I am. Considering I had just seen her on Monday and she wasn't at all concerned then, I have no regrets that we're planning on quitting this practice as soon as this treatment is wrapped up. She seemed relieved that I was already on antibiotics, and now suddenly everyone's tripping over themselves to prescribe me narcotics. I was a bit concerned about the effect on nursing, but I only take one before I go to bed, and Mike takes over night waking/bottle feeding duty with the baby so I don't think I'm doing him any harm. And goddamn what a difference. Last night was the first time I've gotten a reasonable amount of sleep in forever. If Mike ever leaves me I might marry hydrocodone. I guess I can see why people could get hooked, but for me it doesn't give me any kind of special feeling, it's just really effective in making the pain go away when nothing else will. Aside from childbirth, which is its own separate and incomparable experience (and is at least productive), this is the most pain I've ever had and for the longest duration. Feeling normal, assuming I get to that before dropping dead from septic shock, is going to be the best Christmas present EVAH.

If there's any upside, it's that I lost a fair bit of weight. But I'd happily have gained some if I could have skipped the misery of the past week. I can't wait to get fixed up so I can begin Project: Christmas Goose.

This is just to say, I do believe your intrepid blogger's gonna make it. Have a great weekend, lovely lovely loves.


  1. i used to go here:

    they were the nicest group and i LOVED dr. nager!

    i know tooth pain- i totally feel you. you'll feel better after the root canal...

  2. I hope your procedure is quick and effective. Glad the drugs let you sleep! ~LA