Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Can't Complain (But Sometimes I Still Do)

The ongoing saga, quickly because I'm sick to death of it: I'm seeing my doctor today. She'll probably send me back to the dentist (I now have swelling on my palate - that can't be good) but if nothing else she can probably hook me up with some strong meds to help me sleep. Last night I was prepared to go to sleep at 9 - I put the baby to bed, took a lot of advil and slapped on some orajel so I was fairly comfortable. And of course, because Mike was called into work at the last minute, HR decided to have the fussiest night he's had since he was a newborn. He was up every hour. Mike took some turns when he got home, but sometimes nothing but nursing would do to get him back down. We've suspected he's been teething for a long, long time, but I think it's finally happening this time. Or not. Who knows with babies, since they have the same symptoms for everything. I'm in a very good position to have empathy for my poor buddy, anyway.

One thing that's getting me down almost as much as the pain and fatigue: I have zero interest in food. Chewing and swallowing are misery, and subsequently nothing looks appetizing. So I'm subsisting on yogurt and fruit smoothies or whatever to get nutrients. It's mad boring. I thought about a hot toddy last night, but even booze didn't excite me. What is this world coming to?

So I raise my water glass and say: may we solve this health mystery once and for all so we can fix it and I can resume my life of gross consumption. Or, short of that, that we have a better night tonight. Because we can't have a worse one than last night, can we? Come on fate, come and get me.

No matter what I'll write about something else tomorrow. Anything else. I'm done with this.

As for my song of the day, it requires a little explanation. With very few exceptions, I do not care for a capella groups. Not at all. No sir. They make me hive-y. But my love for Toto's "Africa" trumps all. So though this has a high lame quotient, along with some weird racial humor, it pleases me anyway.

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  1. Thinking of you and hoping for good meds. For some medical mystery while nursing each kid I ended up with an abcess and root canal. If you go much longer try the Ensure drinks which help replace some of the vitamins/minerals you need.