Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Toothaches are lifewreckers. Not to mention blog-wreckers. Seriously, how boring is it to read about this? Not to mention how I really, really hate writing about ailments. But right now constant pain is about the only thing I've got going on. OK, that's a big fat lie, I still have an amazingly awesome life. But do you see the power of pain, that it makes me unable to appreciate that?

I understand that my traumatized ligaments are going to take a little time to heal with this method we're trying. And ibuprofen pretty much gets me through the day. But at night. Oh, children the nighttime is when it hits bad, and nothing can touch it. Subsequently I get even less sleep than I had been and I'm not getting a lot to eat and Mama's starting to get a mite ORN'RY. If tonight's as bad as last night, I'll call the dentist again tomorrow and beg for something strong just to get me some sleep. I think it's only fair to my family (St. Mike) who are by all means doing their part to make my life as easy as possible (including baby who is sleeping about as well as he ever has). I'm historically bad at drugs and I have reservations about how it might affect my nursing, but desperate times call for prescriptions. Isn't that the saying?

There are many happy things going on in the world, and one of the the happiest for me is that I'm taking off the week between Christmas and New Year's like I've always wanted to so we can spend a big chunk of time in my hometown. Maybe in the wee head-pounding hours it will help me to visualize a white Christmas in Maine, just like the ones I used to know. Speaking of:

I LOVE this version. Did you know that Ben E. King was in the Drifters? Now you do. Merry Christmas.

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