Monday, June 6, 2011

Run, Dork-est

This morning I went for a run and, lo, it was amazing. Which is how you know it's a fluke - a relatively easy couple of miles after not running for almost two years? I chalk it up to the glorious weather, the inspirational songs coming one after the other from my iPod, and the sheer novelty of being outside by myself, flailing my limbs around, mouthing lyrics and smiling like a cheerful demon. I'm not saying I was fast, I never was even at my most in-shape, but I enjoyed being out there moving my body and feeling like I've reclaimed yet another little bit of self. We'll see how it goes next time out, I'm planning to try for three times a week.

Like I said, the music can really make a difference. I put in my ear buds and pressed the play button as I left the house, to be greeted with a sample of "Tiger Style" from an old Kung Fu movie. My blood started to sing - nothing like a little Wu Tang Clan in the morning to get you pumped up. And as I was making my way home, the last song that came on was Siouxsie and the Banshees' "This Town's Not Big Enough For Both of Us." It was a nice incentive to keep pushing myself. All I could think of was that last stubborn bit of baby belly and Siouxsie's words became a mantra: "This town's not big enough for both of us, and it ain't me who's gonna leave." Go. Away. Belly. I run for lots of reasons, and that's just one.

Anyway, what a great weekend. Gorgeous weather, lots of outside time. I was able to cross quite a few things off my summer list right off the bat. Yesterday was Mama-and-HR day and we had an awesome time. We shared an ice cream and he got to witness his first parade (it was Portugal Day apparently, though I do believe every day is Portugal Day in my 'hood) with the wide-eyed happiness and confusion of an absolute beginner. I wouldn't say I'm a huge parade person, but from time to time I really enjoy them even though all that pride and enthusiasm makes me well up like a huge sap. Ooh, I also scored something really fun to wear for my sister's bachelorette night for under 20 bones at the neighborhood consignment shop. You can get a lot done with an increasingly chubby toddler strapped to your chest, truth.

**Thoughts about Thursday's SYTYCD: Patty. Anne. Miller. That is all.**

Ok and let me set this up by stressing that I do not appreciate Britney Spears as a recording artist. As a cautionary tale for the perils of fame, yes. But as a singer, no. I believe she is more machine than woman in that department, and I usually like a little more talent in my ear. However, we've oft established here that I'm a ball of contradictions. And that's how I'm OK with picking this song as my unofficial jam for the summer of 2011.

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