Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Old Standby

Day two of drafts-a-poppin'! Man there is nothing like getting into a writing groove. It's the funnest. Unfortunately this makes up about .5% of the experience, the rest is a bee-yotch. Sort of like the runner's high - you have to do a lot of swearing and sweating and hurting before you get there, but once you do it makes it all worth it. I think anyway, it's been so long since I last ran I can only see it in a romantic "Evergreen" haze. I plan to start up again in the next couple of weeks, so we'll see if my misty watercolor memories of pounding pavement hold true.

I'm obsessed with Treme on HBO, and as an extension of that obsession, I can't seem to get enough of bounce music. It's so infectious, and I adore how this video is pretty much a love letter to the lame and ass-less such as myself. Big Freedia says there's room for everyone in bounce, even if you don't have much back there to be bouncing. That's a message I can fully endorse. It's also quite handy that I can use the "but I'm a mama" excuse once again to reconcile how my cultural relevance tops out at about 2006.

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