Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's Coming Up

Now that the post-wedding recovery is in progress, it's time to get back to writing about what's really important: dancing shows.

Who else thinks Ryan should have gotten the boot last week? I do not love her in any way. Not that she isn't talented, but she just rubs me all wrong. Maybe it's the permanent smile. Gah. I was sad to see Iveta go especially, and Wadi, who was an early favorite. Now I'm all Tadd and Melanie, and if either of them go any time soon I'll start getting really nasty up in here. That said, I'm very much looking forward to tonight's competition show. The judges can abuse their power all they want, as long as there's the promise of dancing I'll keep coming back. Do you think it's too much to ask to get a Wade Robeson routine? And who's with me on the "Dave Scott is a dreamboat" train?

I know I said I'd post warnings when I was going to go off on a SYTYCD tangent, but oh well. I promise I'll be better when I get into tomorrow's wrap-up.

So HR is officially 14 months old and continues to be totally awesome. He's sleeping pretty well at night still, though his nap schedule has gotten all weird this week. He's quite the little eater, too. It's as if, now that he realized how awesome food is, he's making up for lost time. Still no progress on the transition-to-sippy-cup front, but I plan to get serious about that by next week. As for talking, he babbles and copies some sounds but doesn't have any truly recognizable words yet. His comprehension, however, is amazing. He can identify things on sight and he caught on to the sign for "more" pretty quickly (that might be directly related to his new pastime as a chowhound). One thing he's not doing is walking. He can stand up by himself, and I think physically his body's ready, but something inside him makes him overly cautious. I wonder if we leave him to his own devices if he'll ever get interested in life beyond cruising. Of course I have no intention of rushing him, especially since developmentally he's doing just as he should. I just wonder if this lack of adventurousness is something I can count on enjoying as he gets older, or if once he starts toddling the daredevil-ing will follow. We shall see.

Speaking of daring, Gorillaz, to me, are a strictly summer band. And this song speaks to me of dancing around on a summer night.

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