Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Six Things I Love, For A Cloudy Wednesday:

-I've got a Mama date tonight!  Not sure what we're doing yet, but we're stepping out for some long-awaited ladies-only time and the goal is to keep any and all baby talk to a minimum. Is that possible? We shall see.

-I don't have anything packed yet for our departure tomorrow evening, but I'm not sweating it because I have an extremely detailed list to guide me. Is a life without lists a life worth living? I say no. But obviously I have a little list-making problem.

-Treme - I'm serious, it's so good this season. I was devastated by the latest turn of events with a certain character, but the fact that I care so much about him is a testament to the writing.

-Sparkling rose (I mean it to be pronounced "rose-ay" but I lack the basic technological chops that would result in an accent aigu) - this is my other drink for the summer that does not involve Campari. It's so not what I normally drink, but if you get a nice dry one it's so lovely and fun and refreshing. Cin cin!

-It's my parents' wedding anniversary today. What is it, 38 years now? That's a hell of a long time. Congratulations Ma and Dad, and thank you for the life you made for us.

-Jason Schwartzman. He's one of my most favorite famous people. I adore him. I feel like, because he's kind of Hollywood royalty, that he's had everything handed to him, but he somehow managed to avoid going the wastrel route. Maybe in person he's a total jag, but professionally he's used his advantages to cultivate some really interesting work. Plus I think he's extremely beautiful. Anyway, this song from his Coconut Records project owned me a few summers ago, and judging from how it drastically improved my run this morning when it came up in the rotation, it does to this day.

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