Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello World, I'm Your Wild Girl

So the month of July begins tomorrow. Were you aware of this? It seems like it sneaks up on me every dang year. Mostly in a good way, because the calendar is on the same page as the start of my much-anticipated vacation. But I don't like it when whole months slip away from me. It makes me feel crazy. I hear it only gets worse from here on out, what with a child-person in my home and all, so here's me embracing the insanity. What other choice is there?

**SYTYCD-related happiness outbreak time! Good GodDAMN! In my opinion, that was one of the best all-around episodes in the show's history. Tadd: please never put a shirt on. Also, nice dancing. Mitchell: sweet hip action! Love it when a non-ballroom person nails a ballroom dance. Sasha: you are amazing. Melanie and Marko: call me! Everyone else (except for Ryan about whom I'm still mystified), thank you for making my life shiny with your talent (even if sometimes it's better when you don't talk and give me reasons not to like you. JORDAN). Prediction: Chris and Ashley will go home tonight. And that would be OK with me, as they go. Am I to believe this will be a Mia Michaels-free season? Please say this is not so. Still, with all its faults, this show ramps up my joy level like no programming since Arrested Development.**

Now that I've expelled all that mania, I'm out of energy. Happy long weekend USA-ers. Here's to lighting it up, whatever that means to you.

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