Thursday, June 9, 2011

Put Your Hands Up!


I've always wanted to co-opt a rap guys' introduction. Now I've got that out of my system.

So You Think You Can skip this part:

**Patty Anne Miller, oh no! I hope she comes back next year, or at the very least shows up with a crew on ABDC. Now that I know she exists, I need some P.A.M. in my life. I am LOVING the show this year, with the beautiful lack of filler and the lots of showing talent. I can't help thinking that the Top 20 is going to be riDICulous this year, and you'll certainly hear about it if I'm disappointed. I'm on the edge of my seat for tonight's selection. I have to say I think Natalia is awesome, and I'm irked that everyone keeps calling attention to her size, but I wonder if she, at 18, is really ready to go on? Why not try again next year? And if I were someone who got cut, I would call major shenanigans on her being able to go on without having to do that last choreography round. Again, can't wait for tonight's show and to see what secrets they've been keeping from us.**

I have been looking forward to this coming weekend for a looooooong time. My sister is getting married in two weeks, which I'm anticipating even more excitedly, but tomorrow begins her three-day bachelorette extravaganza, which I started planning the second after she got engaged like three years ago. Originally we were going to do a jack-and-jill in Las Vegas, but everybody's working for a living so we're keeping it local. I just can't wait to get up to Portland and get started on the good timing. HR will have his first overnight with his grandparents on Saturday - I know he'll do fine, and it's time, but I am going to miss him and worry. Not that he won't be well taken care of, just that he's never not had me to put him to bed and wake up with him and I wonder how he'll deal. Oh well, that's for Mammy and Pepere to figure out. I'm ready for a night off - maybe I'll even go hog wild and sleep in until 6:30 on Sunday.

In the spirit of the weekend (and KP's last couple of weeks to be considered a single lady), here's the song that dominated the summer of 2010 for me, even though I know it was well old by then.

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  1. MY sister is getting married in two weeks too. June 25? Bet your will be funner.