Thursday, October 28, 2010

Depends on What Your Definition of "Real" Is....

We had an uncharacteristically tough time putting Sir Six-Month-Old-Pants to bed last night, not sure if it had something to do with the round of shots or what but he didn't get to sleep until almost 10 - thankfully he stayed down for a solid eight-hour chunk of sleep after that. Ridiculous baby boy. What else can you do but love him? He's sitting up for a minute at a time now! It's great, but holy margarine it only serves to magnify the amount--and urgency--of rugrat-proofing ahead of us.

The "firsts" are coming so fast and furious now. This weekend we have baby's first professional photos, followed by baby's first Halloween. We're going to a family party and doing a family-concept costume. I'm hoping that what it lacks in "Awww"-factor it'll make up for in cleverness. I'll post a picture afterward and you can judge for yourself.

Happy Thursday, goblins. I've got some real writing coming up in here very soon. Maybe.

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  1. Round of shots? Isn't he a little young for tequila?