Monday, October 4, 2010

Comin' Up October

How are you this sopping gray Monday morning in October? I'm just wonderful. Another joyberry has been added to the pie in the form of my best girl's baby boy, who was born on Saturday. I have yet to meet the little viking, but I will tout de suite and I cannot, cannot wait for to eat him up.

My own little edible buddy did not get a gold star in sleeping last night, but I really couldn't hold it against him as we cuddled in the big warm bed early this morning and listened to the rain come down and Mike made us a lovely pot of pumpkin spice coffee (well he made it for him and me, but baby will inevitably get some down the line). I did lots of imagining how things would be before he came along, but it turns out that things are better than I even ever hoped they would be when we embarked on this making-a-family adventure.

We also saw our bean of a niece over the weekend. What a precious little girlie - she's a fighter, and hopefully she'll fight herself out of the hospital sometime in the coming weeks.

Lots to do today so I can't linger, which is really all I want to do. Alas. Here's a baby:

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