Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Another chilly, rainy, yucky day, perfect for writing. So of course I've got nothing I'm interested in writing about. When in doubt, I just make a list of loosely-themed junk.

Three things I enjoy but rarely do:

-Eat cereal. I love all the kinds, sugary as well as healthful. I was really into Lucky Charms when I was pregnant. This is no good as a breakfast option, though, since it leaves me hungry again in five minutes. So I just don't buy it anymore because the box goes stale once it's opened and I hate waste. Every once in awhile though, man, cereal is the only thing.

-Go to the movies. Even before baby came along and presented an obstacle I hardly ever went. I love movie theaters and their popcorn smell and the communal experience of watching a film, especially when the weather gets cold. I don't even get all that het up about the price of tickets. But aside from really major exceptions it seems like everything comes out on DVD before I get around to seeing the first run, or nothing's that appealing that I have to see it right then. I missed the last Harry Potter, which is usually one I'd make a point to see. I feel like I'm contributing to the decline of this bit of culture. But oh well, can't hold up every pillar. That does remind me I should lock down a babysitter now for when The Deathly Hallows comes out.

-Go dancing. I'm always bitching about never going dancing. If I went dancing every day it wouldn't be enough. The dance parties I constantly hold in my house count for a lot, but there's nothing like cutting loose on an actual dance floor. I just realized I am so going to be that mom with her mom friends in our going-out clothes getting wrecked on two cocktails and harassing the DJ to play Wreckx in Effect. That actually sounds like the most fun of all time-- it's been so liberating since I stopped caring about being cool.

I don't know how to wrap this up so I'll just go.

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