Friday, October 15, 2010

Not Even Close

Ah, working from home. Just like working from the office, except here I've got endless cups of really good coffee with half & half. And I don't have to change out of my pajamas. And I don't have to pump. It's worth the extra bit of work to make myself focus. Right now the baby's napping, Mike's making pulled pork in the slow cooker and I'm getting ready to clock in. I just wanted to make a clarification about yesterday's entry first lest it is believed that I am more hardcore than I actually am: I don't do 200 push-ups and crunches a day. Ha ha. No. 200 jumps of the rope per session,yes, but significantly fewer of the calisthenics. I just couldn't leave that out there to be misconstrued.

My folks are coming in this weekend for a little visit and I'm so excited because the baby has gone through a lot of changes since they've last seen him. The difference in his heft alone should be a shocker. All in all, I just really want to make sure he knows and is comfortable with his family. This is for his sake, but for ours as well because when we leave him with people in the future, chances are his caregiver will be someone we're related to and it will make it easier on all of us if it's someone with whom he's already familiar.

Anyway, I must go. It's a mess out there, so stay dry. I highly suggest telecommuting if you can. Happy, happy Friday!

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