Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy H-B, HR!

HR came to work with me for a few hours this morning, needless to say I am way behind so I can't linger here. I just wanted to write quickly about what we did earlier - we brought him to the pediatrician for his six-month check-up. Six! Months! I can't comprehend that we're halfway to his first birthday as of today. Time is moving so fast. Aside from getting the shots (which made him cry for all of 30 seconds), all parties at the appointment were very pleased with the baby's progress. He's a good eater (clocking in at twice his birth weight) and a pretty decent sleeper (the doc was of the opinion that if we're OK with the nighttime routine as it is, why mess with it?) and he's got a happy disposition. So what more can anyone ask for?

I am very fortunate and really enjoying this time in our lives. Seems like a good sentiment on which to go out for today.

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