Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Let's Get This Party Started

Yesterday at work was true bonkers. A million things happened, but a genuine novel first was getting not one but two calls from the office of a British royal trying to get us to bend our rules to help out one of the princesses' pet projects. I'm sorry we were unable to help the case, it's a sad one, but it falls outside of all our policies. I constantly deal with entitlement on the job, and it was satisfying to say a firm "no" to someone I can't imagine experiences something so plebian as rejection. Especially since I know for a fact that the problem they were looking to solve could be taken care of with a finite--and not utterly outrageous--sum of money. In the end perhaps Fergie's daughter was able to use her family's wealth to deal with the situation, not just rely on her name. It would be a shame if it cut into the cuckoo hat budget, but we all make sacrifices for the greater good.

OK, the five best things I've seen this week:

-Tuesday's episode of New Girl. The return of True American, which looks like the most fun game in the world! Winston getting the girl! THE KISS OMG THE KISS. Like I needed to love Jake Johnson some more, wowee. I don't care if the show is all over now because of it, that was so hot.

-Mike and HR rocking out to Rev. Horton Heat's "Now, Right Now," which is the theme song of all impatient toddlers. Also, HR singing all of "Upsy Down Town" when he didn't know he was being observed. Also, my dad teaching him the official Perry Family Party Song and him really getting into it. My kid is fun to watch, OK?

-A good friend's good news post about getting a job after a long, anxiety-causing period of time.

-French fries, smothered in buffalo chicken-blue cheese dip, on my plate.

-The calendar, which tells me January's over tomorrow, and I've got another barnburner of a weekend before me to boot.

A bonus best thing, of any week:

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