Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We had a good old fashioned family hoedown at my house last weekend, and you know what that means: something in my house broke. Well, that's what usually happens, and it did sorta, but my upstairs bathroom sink busting a gasket wasn't actually anyone's fault, just a coincidence. And a lucky one, because it meant we had several handy helpers in da house. What a family to-do actually really means is that I've got food for days, party food, food I have no business eating on a daily basis but will be eating until it runs out because as much as I tried to pack it off with visitors, the host gets the spoils. Do not get me wrong, apple tart a la mode for breakfast every day is the best, and this concoction I brought for my lunch made of leftover stuffed mushrooms and chicken casserole is a happy belly guarantee. But... you know I guess there's no but after all. The downside will be when the yumminess runs out. Calories bedamned! Why else do people exercise? For their health?

I wonder if my child will take after his parents, food-wise. As he grows, HR has gone through several phases, from bottomless pit wunderkind to at the very least reliable eater of go-to nutrients such as scrambled eggs and avocado toast and broccoli to... now. Lately he's eschewing most things that aren't cereal bars or the occasional half of a peeled apple. He's even broken off his longtime two-a-day affair with string cheese. We keep trying things, he keeps refusing them, so the next step is camouflage. Pancakes are a usual winner because even when they're full up of pureed peas, they still taste like pancakes, and kids like weird colored things, generally. If that fails, I guess ask the pediatrician, and probably get him on supplements to ward off rickets and such. I have a feeling he'll come around on his own soon though. And since he has an abundance of food at all and never goes hungry, this qualifies as a bonafide first world problem. Which doesn't mean it isn't still a problem, merely one that falls pretty close to the bottom of the spectrum. See also: the toys and books that are threatening to take over the house. I think we'll all be just fine.

And now a treat for you, courtesy of a show I love for lots of nerdy reason. Sutton and Hunter Foster together! The song from The Jerk! There's not a single thing about this scene that isn't the best thing ever. 

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