Thursday, January 24, 2013

They Live!

Anyone with a brain already predicted that I would go home sick about two hours after my last post. I was all "la la la I'm fine!" until it hit. And it hit. For the past 48 hours or so my little family's been working on our hip hop concept album titled "Straight Outta Vom-ton." Or, "The Both-Ends Theory." Or any title of any Beastie Boys record as-is. We were cold illin', and it wasn't fun, but it seems to be over and thank heavs for that.

I never want me or anyone close to me to get sick at any time, but it does make me especially grateful for the health I take for granted. Even when I feel the most awful, I know it's just a virus and it'll be over soon. And modern medicine, I can't be mad at you. Mike and I both let thing run its course on us but HR was having a really bad time of it so we called his pediatrician and they recommended we get him to the ER before he dehydrated. They were able to give him some anti-nausea meds so he could keep down some liquids and by the time the drugs wore off the virus was already gone. I guess it didn't occur to me that such a thing was possible. I'm all for letting the body do its thing and sometimes medicine isn't the answer, but when the alternative is a limp toddler, I'm going to choose meds every time. And lots of the old school remedies - ginger ale, popsicles, lipton noodle soup (which makes me miss my Pup so much) and couch snuggling. I think we're on the mend, or better. And that's mighty convenient because it leaves us a bit of time to exorcise the house before welcoming guests this weekend.

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