Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Have a Veritable Wardrobe of Capes

It's hard to write a blog entry when you can't settle your brain. Good thing you spent your time reading that, right, because how would you ever know about that phenomenon if I didn't tell you? Captain Obvious will now resume her secret identity.

Rather, alternate identity: Book Martyr Mama.

It's like this, my kid loves books and loves to be read to. I don't know that it will always be this way, but as a gluttonous reader myself, I'm fostering it zealously. Which means reading to him any time he asks, no matter what (within reason, I mean, I'd probably put the book down in case of fire. And I do have to cut it off at bedtime, every night). And though I do have small moments where I feel the exhilaration of sharing a favorite story, it's more often slogging through picture book novelizations of "Teletubbies" episodes (I have no idea where these came from) and the coloring book he got as a freebie when he visited the apple orchard. Oh, and the endless Curious George books. Those Reys and their War and Peace for the sippy cup set. I am astounded that HR has the attention span to get all the way through any of the CG tales, but night after night he asks for "Curious George Goes to the Hosta-bull", and I can't say no. Somehow he's also unearthed Love You Forever, which I received as a shower gift and I know was meant with the purest motherly intentions, but I can't stand this book. Are you familiar with this title? It is so creepy! So, so creepy. And I also resent its blatant manipulation of adult emotions. Even as I hate it, I can't read the last three pages without bawling. We read it three times last night at his request, and I can't tell if he actually likes it or just knows he's torturing me. Still, I would read "Touch and Feel Interactive Raccoon Jamboree" if such a thing existed if he wanted me to, because reading is a major priority in my life. And I'll probably continue to marvel at and bitch about his taste in literature as we go along, but as long as it's something, it's not really a complaint.

Anyway, I feel more settled now, so I suppose I could do some work or something.


  1. He just picked out the Twilight Saga today at the library, you cool with that?

  2. Seems like the sort of thing a boy should read with his dad...