Monday, January 7, 2013

Time I Got Back

Like everyone else in the known world, my poor buddy boy was down with a cold, fever and all, for the entire weekend. Though he was energetic and in good spirits for the most part (um, aren't kids supposed to want to sleep MORE when they're sick?), I was ready to kiss him goodbye and leave him snuggling on the couch with his dad this morning. They could both use some downtime and togetherness, and my body could use a few hours minus a cling-on. I'll come right out and say it: the needs of the workplace are nothing in comparison to those of a snot-faucet toddler. Nothing against what anyone does at their important jobs, or to extend that bullshit dichotomy regarding whether stay-at-home parents have the harder job than ones who work outside the home. Everything's hard in its own way. I'm just saying that after a couple of days cooped up with a kid, going to work feels like a break. Also, as when any illness befalls our household, it makes me that much more grateful for the run of robust health we regularly enjoy, child and parents alike.

Today "normal time" resumes. The weekly schedule isn't broken up by holidays, and a reassuringly boring calm is restored to both home and workplace. I chafe, as always, at how quickly the good times pass, but the return to routine is necessary and right now feels pretty good. And a veritable b-load of winter-hermit-enabling TV shows are back on, so that's nice. Of course they're all on the same night, but the magic of DVR and OnDemand, I'll get them watched, just you wait and see.

Just another explosive entry in the most exciting blog of the most fascinating person who ever wrote a thing.

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