Monday, February 4, 2013

Say It With Hammer

Not that anyone's asked or is keeping score, but for posterity, on days when I don't write an entry I'm a) working from home or home sick, b) too busy with other work or life things or c) don't have anything I'm interested in writing about. Today's a combination of b and c. I did have a stellar weekend that went by entirely too fast, and maybe the detail-y bits will make it into the next entry, but if not, I'd like to publicly thank my doting babysitters for allowing me to sleep until 9 a.m. on Sunday morning. There was lots of wonderful in the past 48-or-so hours, and that was nearly the wonderful-est.

This post could be perceived as a placeholder nothing, but I argue that it serves the purpose of preventing any boring-ass future posts that I'd be throwing together for the sake of putting up something every day. I think that some people do enjoy reading what I write here, but nobody's clamoring for me to keep a schedule except the people I live with and those who need me at my job. This bold new approach will result in fewer entries overall, but hopefully I'll make it up in quality. I can't promise I won't write a list and call it an entry from time to time, but I do so love my lists. Besides, nobody's paying me to do this and I'm not charging anyone to read it, so that leaves me the freedom to flip-flop. I like holding myself accountable when it comes to my writerly pursuits, and it's good to have to work a little harder sometimes to produce content. But some days are just hopeless, and that's OK. Thanks for reading, my lovely readership.

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